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The Global Sales Consciousness Program

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Sales growth is the result of maximum awareness - for the market, the 'jobs to be done' of customers, for employees, and ultimately for itself. We have set out to utilize this new dimension of sales growth together with you. Growth, which is no longer based on traditional sales tools and techniques, but by effectively combining sales short-cuts with the individual personality of each employee as well as the company.

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The focus of our work is the building up and expansion of appreciation. Each significant (sales) success is always based on an appropriate acknowledgment of your offer. With the help of our 4 phase growth model, we identify and together work out your current strategic, management, sales and personal "barriers of appreciation" that prevent your further growth. Fast, concrete and measurable. 

For whom 
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Our customers are modern executives, managing directors and board members, who have the intention to create a real growth with all employees. We are the "wrong ones" for those who are looking for the growth solution in memorized tools & techniques. If appreciation is your currency and you are looking for a profound transformation, then we look forward to hearing from you. 

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Our growth model

"In a nutshell“: The formula for success

The result of working with people from 25 countries, in around 300 projects from more than 20 industries, is clear: Sales growth is no coincidence, but the result of a fully resilient formula. 

This is: (P - BoA) * E

Get to know the power of this proven formula for success now and also open yourself up to a completely new dimension of sales growth. 

Our offers

Smarter Sales Stories
(Modul 1)

Which "story" do you tell your customers in order to significantly increase your probability of closing a deal? Smarter Sales Stories answer this question exactly and thus ensure more customers (quantitatively) or even better customer relationships (qualitatively) within a short time.

Leadership Excellence
(Modul 2)

Leadership is a service and not a privilege. We help your managers to effectively design the interface between market requirements, employees, and their own needs. 100% practice through real cases from your own everyday business.

Smarter Sales Workshops
(Modul 3)

Events with absolute shortcut character. One example: Our 3-day "Masterclass of Sales, Level 1" replaces 8 days of traditionell training. Special workshops (including the "Negotiation Success Score" and the "Acquisition Camp") provide solutions for the two most critical sales-skills. 

Speed of Implementation
(Modul 4)

Intensive and results-focused 1:1 coaching for out of the box thinking. Recognizing, accepting, solving and letting go of your own themes and blockages - a deep 'self-experience' for the most important person in your life: yourself.

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Finding individual 
Growth Levers

Execution and consistent Performance review


The support of companies in the first years is a very special challenge. What is required are pragmatic, fast-acting solutions that at the same time convey important success criteria for successful growth in today's market. heart working is an important partner for us here - the well-founded theoretical background, the high level of practical experience and the authentic teaching provide our companies with great feedback time and again. We look forward to further cooperation.

Axel Koch CEO, KwT/ WuT GmbH (Universität des Saarlandes)
  • Your checklist for the current risk-evaluation
  • First hints on how to avoid price objections in the future